Keep perspective and you’ll keep being motivated

Everyone experienced a moment of revelation. Here you are at certain point of time completely understanding what you need to do. You see your goal with clarity and with determination you start going. You are prepared to do whatever it takes and the obstacles you are removing from your path show that you are serious about it.

Then you wake up next day, and suddenly realize that the spark is gone. That you no longer feel like doing what seemed so right and easy only yesterday. You tell to yourself that it is a fleeting feeling and that you only need to take a little break – you’ll get back to doing what needs to be done in few hours.

Suddenly, hours become days. Days become weeks. Weeks become months – and before you know it, it’s another year of your life gone by. By now you are also well entrenched in habit of doing things “tomorrow”. Why bother? You know you will do it eventually. Might as well wait for that time when you feel right.

The only problem is – you will not feel right. How can you feel right when you are giving away control? It is your brain and your habits. They shouldn’t control you, you should be controlling them. And only when you take control, the way you do when your perspective is clear, you will feel right.

Motivation is easy when you know exactly where you should be going. So, cling to your perspective for sake of your own sanity and good of yourself. Because if you don’t – circumstances, habits and others will choose for you. They will take over and tell you what is it that you should be doing. Do not let that happen, because nobody knows your dreams as well as you do. Keep your perspective, always and forever.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be -Lao Tzu

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be -Lao Tzu


13 thoughts on “Keep perspective and you’ll keep being motivated

  1. Dreams put the focus on what can be achieved, but the next day is the time to make up the boardwalk of ‘one step at a time’ to get there.
    It’s the task of seeing how to make those steps that can stop us in our tracks, but once we’ve built a few of those steps, helped others build theirs, and accepted help from others in how to enhance our own efforts, that’s when the dream becomes a goal.

    • Glad to hear it Crystal! The same way you love the quote – I like seeing your comments and thoughts here on my blog!

  2. Hi, I need more people to get Addicted ; ) to my stories. A shout-out on your blog would be really appreciated. Check it out and if it’s not worth it, then ignore me…

  3. Ha! Taking an undefined break is the worst you can do. Every now and then I decide to enrich my life in a way and start doing x,y or z. And everything goes smoothly, but then… I have a bad day at work and I ignore my new-ish routine. Just for a day. The next day, it’s gloomy outside, making me want to be lazy and stay in bed. The day after that, I get a headache. I can’t do anything now! So a day turns into a couple of days, turns into weeks, turns into a month…. So guilty of that.

    Because of my past experiences, I now set a “deadline” to my break. “I will take today off, and maybe tomorrow, but the day after that there will be NO excuse. No matter what happens.” I find it helpful.

    • Maybe I should try with day long deadlines… I often try with “next hour” deadline only to find myself overwhelmed and without energy.

      • Yup, “next hour” happens too soon.
        Also, let me share something I read recently, and something that somewhat works for me when I’m really low on motivation, but really NEED to be doing things – set an alarm for short increments of time. Say 20-30 mins. Be productive until the alarm rings. Then, you can take your justified break. It’s weird, but sometimes, it motivates me to do stuff, just so I can have this scheduled/ more official break ๐Ÿ™‚

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