Shift your focus – fulfillment through work

It is easy to fall in trap of sitting down and resting. True, we need rest. But often rest turns from minutes into days. Thoughts are constantly harping on us to slow down and take time… as if there is nothing better to do then interrupt the progress we are making.

Why do we program ourselves to demand stillness? Why – when doing nothing always turns into doing something completely draining and unrelated that gets us nowhere. Nobody really finds pleasure in mindless browsing, half-focused watching of videos or checking news feeds. Yet that is what so many of us associate with rest.

So, let’s shift it – think of your life’s work when resting. Do not think of peace in the world, how others wronged you or what would be the best comment on whatever topic is actual. Think about challenges ahead of you and how you will be tackling them today. Push your focus toward work that brings you closer to your goals with the same zeal you previously pushed yourself toward stopping.

Do this, and soon enough you will see that the same power holding you back is now propelling you forward. We all become what we focus on and think about. All you need to do in order to live fulfilled life is to stick to the plans you made for yourself and think of them. Do not allow false promises to creep up on you – if laying down and doing nothing could make you happy, you would already be the happiest person in the world. You’ve tried it thousands of times already. You know it doesn’t work. So, try with opposite – try with not giving in and actually doing what needs to be done.

I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours -Jerome K. Jerome

I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours -Jerome K. Jerome


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  1. The biggest thing for me is TTTP: Take Time To Plan. If I invest the time to figure out what I want to get done each week, and revisit each day, I’m much more likely to get it done. The Pomodoro Technique is also a huge help for me!

  2. Enjoyed your pot. I’m not that guy who jump from blog to blog liking and commenting o that you go to their site, but I did recently write about how people get stuck in the rut of doin or longing to do that they cant see how thier own actions are destroying themselves…you’d like it I think-

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