Doodle as I do, Traci York, Ida Auclond – new blogs for The Star Blogger Award

I promised that I’ll be posting these on Thursday. And it’s Friday… so apologies are in order. What I’ve learned though is that I need to tally votes a bit sooner (Tuesday evening). That way I’ll have more time to contact winner, arrange prize giveaway and write blog post. Let’s see if I manage to do it better in three weeks when we’ll have another poll.

My Instruction Manual, July 2017 Winner of The Star Blogger Award

It is my immense pleasure to announce that Keith won the first ever Star Blogger Award. He called his followers to vote in blog post, and that had big impact. It built him a lead that lasted until the voting ended.

Here is what Keith had to say when I presented him with The Star Blogger Award for July 2017 and $10 Amazon Gift Card prize:

Wow! I’m so grateful for everyone who voted for My Instruction Manual. It was a great honor to be recognized alongside other terrific blogs. I started My Instruction Manual to chronicle my own journey to be happier and healthier after my kidney transplant. It’s very rewarding that that others find it helpful too! Thanks to the How To Addict for giving back to the blogging community by setting up this award!

Congrats again Keith on your well deserved win! I look forward to reading your blog for many years to come!

Badge for Keith so he can brag about My Instruction Manual's win

Badge for Keith so he can brag about My Instruction Manual’s win

Doodle As I Do by Gemma

I’ve met Gemma through Reddit few months back and have been enjoying her posts ever since. Simply, Doodle As I Do is blog with terrific idea and execution. Instead of doing regular blog posts Gemma crafts a song that she then illustrates. I especially enjoy when she does it for one of her readers.

So, now that Gemma is on I think it’s great time to feature her work. Plus, definitely try to stop by her Facebook page – she often organizes competitions there for her readers. Whoever wins gets custom poem and doodle! Talk about creative prizes.

Here are the posts I’ve enjoyed most:

Traci York

Another fellow blogger that I’ve met through Community Pool. Luckily, I must add, as Traci is someone who you can often helping others. She does a lot of blog promoting, all while somehow managing to keep steady schedule of Tarot, Witchy and Inspiring posts.

I’ve joked that I need to nominate her for The Star Blogger Award so she doesn’t throw a curse on me. But in all honesty, she runs great and unique blog. I for sure am intrigued by idea to spark inspiration with a spell. And the weekly tarot readings she does are definitely something you shouldn’t miss.

So, do yourself a favor and check out Traci’s blog. Here are the posts you can start with:

Ida Auclond

Tagline is: “I’m not insane. I’m a writer”. So – you’ve guessed it – Ida’s blog focuses on writing. But, like me, she often explores other unrelated topics. Thus, you get a chance to read Ida’s thoughts on fathers, hobbies and life in general.

That said I think you’ll benefit immensely be reading Ida’s posts on writing. By describing her own battles while writing novel, Ida helps the rest of us. Now, my writing is nowhere near complexity required by novels. But I still find it very useful to read her thoughts on the subject. Like how she is handling editing process and emotional ups and down of it.

I especially recommend following posts:

Comment and come back next week

As I said in the first post – I appreciate suggestions that you send through comments. Commenting and pointing out worthy blogs saves me a lot of effort and time. So, if you operate a good blog… or know someone that does – please comment below and let me know.

Related to that I wanted to give special shout-outs to:

They both took effort to nominate and spread the word about The Star Blogger Award. Truly thankful for it!

See you next week!


21 thoughts on “Doodle as I do, Traci York, Ida Auclond – new blogs for The Star Blogger Award

  1. Wonderful post Doc. It’s great getting to know new Blogs. I think I am due for a Tarot reading. May the force be with us. :). By the way, you would make a fantastic marketing bio writer. I told my daughter when I need a bio written for my children’s book, I’m contacting you! Two Blogs for you to check out, my friend Dave — AND he sent me this funny Blogger’s post about going out with a Nun –

  2. Congratulations to the winner!

    This is such an amazing idea!!

    I have read some of their posts, especially Traci’s and they are top notch!

  3. Wow, Doc! This was an awesome surprise (oh, and thanks for shouting out through email so I wouldn’t miss it – my pingbacks don’t seem to be cooperating these days)! I truly appreciate this generous gesture!

    *hides voodoo doll behind her back*

    What do you mean, what am I doing? Ummm, I was just… oh, hey Layvi! Thanks so much for that cool compliment. You guys and gals from the Pool are wicked awesomesauce! Now, if you’ll excuse me for a moment, I have something completely innocent and not at all sinister to attend to…


    • Absolutely! I’ll keep organizing it and looking to increase prize pool. $10 Amazon Gift Card we now have is pretty small reward… but it still sets us apart from all the other blogger rewards.

      I do need to define when we can have someone running again though… I am thinking to set it at 6-12 months so that there are not many repeating nominations. But, as with everything else, I am looking for feedback and ideas!

  4. Traci York is one of my absolute favorite bloggers. She’s thoughtful, kind, a talented shutterbug and filled with wisdom from unexpected sources.

    Keith’s “My Instruction Manual” is a fun read! Glad to see he won the Star Blogger nod.

    Recognizing the contributions of others is a gift. Thank you for continuing to give.

    • Well – you definitely know about ‘recognizing the contributions of others’. You’ve truly built great blog and community around it. I can only watch, learn and hope to be able to reproduce what you did. Thanks for all the comments and support you’ve given to me lately – it means a lot!

  5. *Presents @howtoaddict with an imaginary check for $1million (that’s the best I can do :/)* Thank you for all the effort you put into this. And for all the writers that are given a chance to showcase their blog pieces.

  6. Wow this is such a great award! Congratulations to all the great bloggers who have received it so far.

    I run a blog called Frugal Asian Finance, which focuses on personal finance (i.e. money saving tips, investment, lowering food expenses). I’d love to be considered for the award next time. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  7. Just discovering blogs because just started blogging myself. Love these short intros as cool way to bring a few into focus — had no clue there was alike an ocean of blogs out there, lol, on just about anything and everything.

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