Motivation – Embrace yourself

We all wish we were someone else. But we can’t be. You were born with certain qualities. You practiced certain qualities. You embody certain qualities.

You can’t run from who you are. So, embrace it. Let all those who misunderstand or hate you do their job. You do yours. Use qualities you have to complete work that awaits you. Don’t wish that you, opportunities or world are different. Work with what you have to go in direction you want. That’s all there is to it.


2 thoughts on “Motivation – Embrace yourself

  1. I think that I like this blog post of yours the most.

    I am shy and quiet around other people. But, I love to write about facts, my personal experiences, those from others, and so on with my blog.

    I have used to be jealous or upset that other people have more charm, more money, more attention, etc. But, now I do not care because I am happy with what I have.

    If I am someone else, I probably would not have my unique and amazing blog on WordPress.

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