Motivation – Go beyond you

In a crazed, judgmental world isolation can seem like a blessing. Not participating in countless dramas that are going around every moment, is alone attractive lure. But it is never about the whole world. It’s always about the world around you. Who you choose to share your moments with.

Let the company you keep define you. Be proud of people you spend time with. Find those who are helpful to you, and be even more helpful to them. Sharpen your skills and focus, not in blind service to yourself; but to serve those who serve you. Do that, and motivation won’t be a problem. Find your tribe.


5 thoughts on “Motivation – Go beyond you

  1. It’s is so right!!
    People just don’t need to be a loner instead be someone who could make them feel at ease!!
    Then, there will be really no need of motivation cause you always have someone to share things…
    Keep Writing!!!’
    Amazing post 🙂
    Stay blessed,

    • Yeah, that was a big for me. And I also completely understand people who are loners; I was one. In most cases you become loner because you get disappointed in others and hurt by their actions.

      But, instead of giving up you should keep fighting… if you do that you will eventually find those who share your values and back you up. Kinda like what’s happening in this thread 😉

  2. My top motivations are going to a foreign country, learning a new culture, eating exotic foods, and of course meeting/dating foreign women.

    I describe those things as going beyond myself…if this makes sense to everyone.

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