The Star Blogger Award nominations for July 2017

Another week of me writing about blogs I enjoy reading. So far it’s been a great ride. I especially enjoyed last week when Crystal took part in nomination process. I am truly excited for the future and can’t wait to announce the winner next week.

For those that are new to my blog, here is quick recap. Each week I write about 3 blogs I enjoy visiting and present those to my audience. Additionally, anyone is free to nominate their own blog or blog someone they know. That is as long as that nomination follows the process of:

  1. Create a post that includes The Star Blogger Award in the title. Post must contain:
    • Paragraph that presents the blog in at least 100 words
    • Links each instance of The Star Blogger Award text back to this page
    • Nominates another 3 bloggers and links to their blog
  2. Notify nominees about The Star Blogger Award nomination through comments on their blog
  3. Leave comment here and link to created nomination post. I will then verify that 1 & 2 are completed and confirm nomination

If you have any question, feel free to ask in comment section. And now, without further ado, the nominees for this week!

The Star Blogger Award by

Let the best blogger win!

Brilliant Viewpoint

This blog is a poster child of how good personal blog should look like. Design is minimalistic yet eye catching. Same for tagline: Discover, Motivate, Inspire is short yet communicative. As for the content – Moni has been writing for past 2+ years and produced steady stream of intriguing content. Visit every week and chances are you’ll find new post that’s well written and includes nice media.

I simply love it. And you’ll likely too. Now, when someone is starting a blog and asking you for advice, it’s easy for me. I just point him to Brilliant Viewpoint and say “emulate this”. Posts I’ve enjoyed the most are:

Just Mr Johnson

Blogging opens up world of opportunity to meet new people and read their thoughts. I’ve visited JKJ’s blog after he commented on one of my previous posts. And immediately I was blown away by the amount of content he has produced with almost no recognition. That’s the thing with blogging: you could be awesome writer, yet you’ll likely be overlooked in the sea of everything that’s posted nowadays. I hope to change with The Star Blogger Award – link as many overlooked gem blogs as possible. JKJ’s blog is definitely one of them.

Daily Flabbergast

Another blog that I’ve visited after owner commented on my post. Daily Flabbergast is one of the blogs that I read when I need change of pace. Most of the content that you’ll find on WordPress is very politically correct. It’s kinda complete opposite of Tumblr – which is madness incarnate. And while I don’t seek controversy for it’s own sake, I do enjoy entertaining unpopular opinions. In that sense I highly recommend visiting Daily Flabbergast. Just before clicking the link be sure that you are not easily offended and are willing to consider floatinggold’s point of view.

Special nominee… Daisy Mae

Hopefully every new edition of The Star Blogger series will increase clarity on nomination process. But Crystal shows that it’s already easy-peasy to include your blog if you want. Sure, there are few kinks to iron out… like linking The Star Blogger Award text back to this post and not nominating multiple blogs you own.

But for start: it’s pretty good. So, good luck Crystal and I’ll be voting for Daisy Mae blog! Love what you are doing, and I’ve already promoted everyone else much more than you.

Goodbye Yoly

Not necessarily related to The Star Blogger Award, but Yoly has been behind my first Thursday post. And she would likely be a nominee, but for better or worse she decided to stop blogging. I won’t get into guessing reasons behind her decision – it’s her life and her choice to make. All I want is to say is: thanks for all your contributions Yoly. I hope you’ll at least keep visiting and commenting here on

It’s time to vote and pick The Star Award Blogger winner

The poll below includes all nominees from this and previous two posts. Voting will be open until Thursday next week and limited to one vote per WordPress account. While you are welcome to invite your friends to vote for you, please no voting with duplicate accounts or through proxies. You don’t want me using my awesome programming skills.

Looking forward to reading your comments and seeing who gets the most votes. And of course, I am especially excited for winner announcement and prize giveaway next week.

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Who should win The Star Blogger Award for July 2017?

Let the voting begin!


30 thoughts on “The Star Blogger Award nominations for July 2017

  1. Good morning, thank you for liking my latest post. It meant so much to me. Enjoy your day much love ?

    • Sure! As you can tell I do visit lots of blogs in preparation for these The Star Blogger Award posts. Just a suggestion: you may want to link your block to your Gravatar profile so when you comment people can more easily visit

      Now that I’ve found you I’ll definitely be visiting often. All best!

      • You are so sweet and kind. Thank you for the useful tip and all the likes. I wish you all the best and good luck ? and you are more than welcome to visit my blog page and hopefully you will enjoy reading my future posts ☺️

    • It’s easy to feature people like you since you are doing such a great thing. Hopefully others will take time to check out your blog and enjoy it as much as I do!

      • Heyyy, what’s up doc? XD sorry couldn’t resist hahahah!

        Thank you for your kind words πŸ˜€

        Right now I’m actually considering another way to fulfill this mission of mine since there isn’t much returns (subs/views) with the current strategy. Might even set up a whole new site etc for this.

        I’ll email you in a bit to share with ya what’s been going on yeah? I’d love to hear what you have to say too πŸ˜‰

        Stay chirpy doooccc.
        Say hi to Marty for me πŸ˜›

        Your pal,

        • I’ll reach out to you over email to discuss on strategy when it comes to returns. I think it’s more of the tweaking what you are doing rather than setting up new site. But it’s also about what you want to do – want to listen.

  2. Thank you for nominating me and writing such a touching message about my Blog. I’m honored for sure. I have to say, I am not so good at this Award stuff, you are making me follow instructions (laughing), sounds exhausting, I need to make sure I get it right. I do LOVE the idea of promoting other Blogs. As you mention, there are a lot of Blogs out there that have not received much traction yet, but they are really good! THANK YOU for the compliments. I REALLY enjoy your motivational Blog too! I will give you a pingpack soon… although, I don’t know how to do pingbacks. Is that just creating a hyperlink to your site? SO MUCH TO STILL LEARN.

    • Yeah, pingbacks are super easy – you basically just write post and include link to this article. Scroll down from this comment on my blog and you’ll see how daisymae2017 pingbacks are visible. That’s pretty much it.

      And – here’s to hoping I manage to keep your blogging tempo for as long as you did πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks for the tip on pingbacks! You’ve been doing a GREAT job with your posts and for sure YOU are consistent. I Blog once a week… sometimes twice when I feel I have a good post to share, but I think once is enough. I don’t want to get burnt out. I will pingback to your post soon! πŸ™‚ I am studying for my Broker’s exam and enjoyed ALL of your posts on house hunting.

      • Thanks for letting me know how to do a pingback. You are super consistent with your posts. I post once a week, any time of the week. Sometimes twice, but for me I find once a week is good and I don’t get burnt out. Look forward to continuing to read your wonderful posts!


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  5. I think this is a great idea and I appreciate the work that must have gone into checking out all the blogs featured, as well as producing the brief reviews and doing the voting β€˜panel,’ all quite time-consuming. Also, ten blogs is a nice number, not too many to check out.

    Thanks very much for including To Cut a Short Story Short, my flash fiction blog, and I’m looking forward to looking at the other blogs on the list!

  6. A fabulous idea! It is so true that a lot of greatness goes unnoticed. You’re bringing awareness and widening our horizons, which is fantastic. Carry on!

    Also, I am grateful for the recognition. I’ve been a bit under the weather these past few days, but that definitely gave me motivation for my next entry!

    • Well, anything to keep you writing. I’ve visited thousands of blogs and can tell that you definitely have unique style. Like for example this post:

      It’s intriguing topic and you bring up even more questions. It’s a great read. So, as long as you can keep posting I expect you’ll eventually build up steady and well deserved following. And if you ever think I can help in any way – let me know… I’ve sent you email few days back so you can reach back whenever. We’ll be in touch!

    • As long as that intro presents you well – it’s OK. Just make sure post satisfies other criteria like:

      -Links each instance of The Star Blogger Award text back to this page
      -Nominates another 3 bloggers and links to their blogs

      Let me know when you have your post up – I’ll gladly join in and help on anything needed. You have great blog so I would love to see it nominated and competing for The Star Blogger Award.

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