Spreading the message of positivity from blogs

Thanks to Community Pool and feedback from my fellow bloggers I’m finally on weekly posting schedule. It doesn’t feel like I’ve already spent last 6 weeks writing and posting every Monday. But results are definitely showing! My last post “Set yourself in happy state of mind, simply because you can” has 30+ comments. And number of visitors on my blog has drastically increased.

So, I want to expand on the experience. As a self professed improvement tryhard – I am now aiming to post twice a week. And while I still don’t have exact time scheduled, I’ll try to come up with one (likely Wednesday, Thursday or Friday @ 8:00).

As for the theme of the posts – I want to write about other people’s blogs. Share my impressions of them and lessons learned. Participating in Community Pool allows you to experience how much effort bloggers put in daily. We definitely live in the world of abundance. And it is my hope that trough the series of posts I’ll be able to point out overlooked and under-appreciated.

You have your own blog? Your life must be all kinds of fascinating!

My Instruction Manual by Keith McArthur

Keith is another author that you can often see hanging out on Community Pool. And for the good reason – his posts are inspiring, especially if you take into account his life story. I most enjoy reading his step-by-step posts like this one: Five Ways to Beat Procrastination Today.

If you like my motivational posts, Keith has more great content on the subject. I haven’t found if he separates those posts under certain tag on the site… but I try to follow “Inspired” category:

To Cut a Short Story Short by Simon J Wood

Talk about wordsmith hero. I’ve always admired people with discipline to consistently perform certain task with quality. Simon has been linking his short fiction stories ever since I’ve joined Community Pool. And he shows no signs of stopping.

So, it was kinda weird when I loved a post of his that’s not a short story. It’s detailed article on self-publishing your book on Amazon. I’m sure lots of bloggers are wondering what it takes to publish your writings as a book. Well, as Simon Says: Publishing the ‘Best of Your Blog’ is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Here are also some of his recent short stories:

Way of the Wise by Layvi Litton

It is my firm belief that reading good content preceeds good writing. Thus, while I do spend considerable time writing my motivational posts, I also reading a lot on the subject. Books are great for when I have time… but for quick 5 minute relaxing read I enjoy blogs like Way of the Wise.

Layvi is participating in Daily Prompt so there is almost always a new piece on the site for reading:

Don’t be shy, leave a Reply on blogs you’ve liked

When you have visited blogs I’ve linked, feel free to comment and share your impressions. That is the point – to kickstart conversation of content that bloggers are producing. For now, I do not have exact criteria by which I will be picking blogs to link each week. But comment on my own posts or partake in Community Pool, and I’ll likely visit your blog.

In that sense – feel free to also link to your related blog posts in comments. Obviously, I will not approve comments that are link only or one liners. Same goes for “Cheap NBA 2K17 MT for Sale” and “Work from home for $9999” – my spam folder is full of those ;). But if you wrote a post that you are particularly proud of – comment to present and link it. I for sure want to cheer you on!


33 thoughts on “Spreading the message of positivity from blogs

    • Thanks Layvi! Do you know where I can find the site of the award? I’ve Googled and can’t find it. Also, if you or someone wins the prize – what do they get?

      • No problem, well there is a page for it somewhere, but all you gotta do is post a post with the instructions on the link I put in the previous comment. Don’t really know anything else besides that about it, pretty confused myself 🙂

      • Hey I did not even realize that I was mentioned in this post 😀 Thank you so much!
        Really appreciate the kind words! Your blog is amazing, and I am always waiting for the weekly post.


  1. That was a neat little write up that captured the essence of my first impression of the Community Pool and put a little bit more info to some of the names/faces I saw there. Thanks! I’m hoping to stay regular with Wednesday and Sunday. If I can make those goals I’d like to add a third post a week! Good luck with your own posting goals.

    • I’ve enjoyed very much this latest surge of comments – seeing familiar faces in comments definitely helps with writing. I just hope I’ll also be able to give back and that we can then all stick to and execute our posting goals 😉

    • Well, we’ll see how effective I am at both… although right away I expect that my critique will be way better than marketing – I doubt I’ll be able to send much traffic to other people. But one needs to try, right?

      • Absolutely! You’ll be able to create your niche in the process. I could sense that you are passionate with what you’re doing. I would love to see that “how to addict” branding take its solid state. Cheers! 🙂
        And yes, thanks much for the likes.

  2. I also think this is a great idea. Thank you for taking the time to feature other bloggers on your site. It allows us to connect with other individuals we may not have otherwise found. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts

  3. I started out about 7 years ago posting on my blog almost every day, largely because I had a large accumulation of material. After several years, my posting became more haphazard and I decided to impose a discipline on myself with a schedule (on the 5th, 10th, 16th, 20th, 25th & 30th of every month), which also served to increase my readership, as followers knew when my posts would appear. After about a year and a half, I recently switched to posting ‘when the spirit moves me’ because the pressure of posting every 5 days was beginning to wear on me.

    The moral of the story (as least for me) is to do whatever works for you at the time and stay with it until it no longer works for you (discipline and flexibility). As the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat!

    • Well if you are blogging for 7 years you’ve also “paid your dues” and can do whatever you want ;). For people like me who are practically still starting out and are yet to have an audience… well, we need help building it up any way we can. Thanks for the opinion though – I love discourse and hope comments will keep representing that.

    • Seeing that us bloggers love awards – I’ve decided to start reward of my own (that includes actualy prize ;), be sure to visit tomorrow. Would love to hear your feedback!

        • Yeah – there is also question of financing rewards. I’ll likely to pony up money myself at least for start – since I have well paying job I may as well invest in this blogging hobby of mine and bring joy to others ;).

  4. I like this idea! I am myself new to blogging and I am still setting up my own photo blog but this is exactly what I plan to do with this new hobby of mine (photographing and blogging)–to cultivate motivation, inspiration, happiness, and positivity. I look forward to learning from your blog and your links.

    • Photography can end up being great for you – lots of people write, but there are not many with original, inspiring photos. Will be watching what you do and hope to link to you in the future!

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  6. It is nice to know, I’m not the only one with similar idea. Similar, but different, because I’m just posting links to blgs or stories, which inspired me somehow to write.
    Take care and have a nice day.

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